The Macro Change Handbook - Advocating for a Better Community

So I just sent my newest book manuscript to my publisher,, for editing and preparation to be published early next year.  This book, is a companion to our most recent book, "Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change," but looks more formally at culture change.   

If you are familiar with my perspective on change, honed over the past 44 years as an advocate, you know that I see 2 major tracks for change. One is "Micro Change" where the onus of adjustment is on the individual. This approach typifies most human service efforts, that expect the vulnerable person to change and adapt to the world. 

The other approch, and one I am more interested in however, is "Macro Change," which looks at changing the environment and perceptions around the vulnerable person. The target for macro change is everyone else in the community. 

As I have been researching, studying, and exploring macro change, in this construct I see 2 major routes to making culture change happen.  One is the informal process of promoting social capital and allowing relationships to guide the change. This process is explored in our book, "Social Capital," which was released in Feb of 2014.

However, there is also a more formal aspect to macro change that is found in organizing people and advocating for official, legal, or regulatory change, that raises consciousness, and dictates how society should behave.  This more formal approach is the focus of my new book, "The Macro Change Handbook." 

So if you see yourself as an advocate for change, regardless of the issue at hand, you will want to see this new book. Soon I will have sections up on my website, but in the meantime, keep checking in with Lash Publishing for the publication date. 

together, we can change the world!