Programs & Services

With over 50 years of human services experience, especially in the disability rights arena, Al Condeluci has amazing things to offer you, your agency, or your organization.  What follows is a listing of the programs and services that he can help you consider.  Rates are based on time on task, but can vary so be sure to contact Al Condeluci to discuss your interest and get a quote.

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All organizations can benefit from staff training.  Al has an uncanny ability to share forward-thinking information in a way that staff can not only understand, but take action strategies and get them to work.  Topics are wide and varied and are listed in the download section of this website.



Having a new set of eyes can always be helpful for organizations looking to shift to a higher level of service delivery.  Al can be available on a variety of levels to help frame direction and initiate new services.



Any conference is enhanced if they have a keynote speaker who can set the tone and energize the audience.  Over his many years Al has done virtually hundreds of keynotes that have always been well received.  He can work closely with the conference planners to assure a successful initiation to your meeting.



Educational programs are always better when they offer a diversity of workshops.  Regardless of the conference theme, Al can craft a workshop that will offer participants a chance to explore topics in ways that make them come alive.

Strategic Planning.jpg

Strategic Planning

With 48 years running a highly successful organization, the key is often found in crafting a viable and energetic strategic plan that is inspirational, impactful, measureable and understandable.  Al can work with your board and leadership team to make this happen for your organization.


Leadership Issues

The more successful organizations are ones that develop and promote leadership skills.  With over 40 years of leadership experience as well as university teaching on this issue we can help your team develop the skills and competencies necessary for success.

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Executive Coaching

Senior leaders are often in lonely places within their organizations.  Having an executive coach offers a safe and effective outlet for senior leaders to grow and develop.  Having used executive coaching in his own development, Al is uniquely suited to help you.

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Board Presentations & Relationships

A key factor to a smooth-running organization is a balance between the staff and board.  We must make sure that the board understand some the new and innovative ways that people can be served.  Al can help you craft and carry out strong board presentations.

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Annual Meeting & Banquet Presentations

There are occasions when a general presentation is needed for all occasion audiences.  These gatherings require content that all people can relate to in a format that is entertaining.

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Outcome Measurement

As human services organizations convert to more community based approaches, they must be proficient in measuring outcomes and impact.  We can help you sort this out.