Social Capital - the give and take

As I continue to study and think about social capital the notion of give and take always unfolds. That is, how much you give, and then what you take in the relationships in your life.  We often like to think that this is a 50/50 proposition, but that is rarely the case.

Our give and take in relationships can vary wildly, and there are variables that impact this in many ways. In a way, we don't build social capital so we can get things, but in every relationship we have, we alway do. 

Now, these deposits and withdrawals with our social capital can be tangible and intangible.   The tangible things we give and get can be measured, but the intangibles are much more abstract - just as important, yet harder to see.

So what do you get (and give) in your relationship exchange, and more important, what are the intangibles? As you open presents this holiday season, you can touch and feel the tangible gift in your hand, but what is the intangible exchange unfolding?  

When we awaken to the intangibles, our lives are enriched all the more!