San Miguel de Allende - Hope for a Better World

I am writing this blog from from a Casa terrace in the beautiful Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende. The town is situated in the geographic center of Mexico and we are here for the nuptials of our son Santino and his fiance, Valentina. They met 10 years ago in Paris, while both in college, and fell in love. During their relationship, in the many countries they have visited, San Miguel stood out and they decided to have their wedding here.

It is my high honor to officiate their wedding and this is the first time we have gotten to meet Valentina’s beautiful family. They hail from Columbia and we have had a wonderful time getting to know them; in itself a wonderful turn of events, but this blog is really about Santino and Valentina, who are truly citizens of the world.

Often you hear horror stories about millennial’s and how they are selfish and often non-committal. Certainly this is true for some people; and in fact, can be true for people in all generations. Yet, this is not the case for Santino and Valentina. They are hard working in their respective careers, and deeply inquisitive about people and cultures. In their time together they have visited over 30 different countries around the world and have amassed a penchant for curiosity. They embrace a respect for diversity and truly see a world where people can love and respect each other.

In this conservative era of nationalism and tribalism, Santino and Valentina are models for another spirit - one of human kinship regardless of difference. As the torch gets passed to the next generation, Santino, Valentina, and their many friends that have gathered in San Miguel, will demand a more open perspective. One of brotherhood and respect, regardless of any differences people might have. In their world we won’t be divided by walls and fears, but aligned by a deep-seeded respect and appreciation for all.

This weekend has renewed my hope for a better world.