Interdependence Network Podcast Update

Most of you who know my work know that some colleagues and I founded an online community of practice, the Interdependence Network (, in 2006.  This coalition of advocates consist of parents, families, professionals, folks with disabilities, and other interested advocates from all over the world.

Over the years the network has done a number of things - we have sponsored 7 symposia conducted in the USA, Canada, and Australia where we have explored the advocacy shift from micro to macro change approaches, hosting over 800 advocates in the process.  The network also has conducted research when we surveyed over 220 folks with disabilities in 7 unique research sites in 2013 using the "Social Capital Benchmarking Survey" developed by Robert Putnam at Harvard University.  This research was reported in the article, "Somewhere to Live, Something to Do, Someone to Love," published in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (Dec, 2016).

Our newest venture now is the launching of the podcast, "You Can Call Me Al," which features timely interviews and conversations related to social justice and full community inclusion around the world.  Just this past week we have recorded 3 new episodes which will be airing soon.

We are excited about these podcasts as they represent an easy way to listen, learn, and broaden our understanding of social capital, social justice, and community engagement.  To this end we invite you to check out our podcast at the Interdependence Network website,  Feel free to share this resource with your networks.  Further, if you have any recommendations for topics or guests, give us a yell.  We are all students of inclusion and can all benefit from each others ideas or thoughts.