Three Key Ingredients for Social Capital

if you have followed this blog you know the power and potency off social capital.  The benefits of relationships have been so well documented.  It (Social Capital) makes us healthier, happier, more self confident, achieve more, advance more, and even live longer.  

So the big question I always get when I do workshops or presentations on social capital is, “how do we build more (and better) connections.”  Of course there is no exact formula for social capital, but there seems to be 3 key ingredients that we can think about, apply, or help others understand.  These are: 

1. Similarities we have with others - Sociologists call this “bridging” as the things we have in common create a bridge between people. 

2. Finding the social setting where the similar interests are exchanged - This is referred to as the social infrastructure that allows the two people a place to exchange. 

3. Assuring a regularity of exchange - This frequency of exchange begins to strengthen and validate the emerging relationship. 

Certainly building relationships is not a simple thing, but by understanding the moving parts we can be a better handle on elements that are critical.  Regardless, be aware of the dynamics of relationships and you will find yourself in a better place in building and strengthening these connections.