Holidays and Social Capital

A lot of the work we do at CLASS is to help people begin to build more social capital in their lives.  We especially focus on how folks who have significant disabilities, and tend to be more socially isolated, can find connections.  But as the holidays are right around the corner, it is perfect time to think about how we can nurture the relationships we already have in our lives.

To maintain and sustain relationships require work.  We can not take our friends for granite and need to take advantage of any window that might help in this process.  Enter the holidays!  They offer the perfect reason to reach out look for ways you can refresh, or renew a connection.

Certainly holidays can be hectic; but this hectic reality is mitigated by the positive mood most people display at holiday time.  So keep this in mind; think about those important people in your life and find time to reach out.  Get a drink, or sit down to a meal.  Nurture these relationship and surely good things will come back to you.