Are You a Leader?

I am preparing for a presentation I will be doing on leadership and have been going though my files and notes.  Over the years I have done a lot of leadership trainings and lectures. I guess many of these requests come my way because I have played many leadership roles over the years.  I have lead my nonprofit organization, CLASS, for many years, but have found myself as president or in a leadership roles going back to my high school years in McKees Rocks.

As I am reviewing my files however, I have been taken by the fact that real leadership is not necessarily tied to guiding an organization or group of people.  In fact, most of the key elements of leadership are things that can be found in everyday life situations.  In a way, we all can use leadership skills regardless of the role we play.  Consider these key aspects of leadership, and then think about they might apply to you in your daily exchanges:

Values - all that we do, can be tied back to our values, the things we believe and hold dear. So what 3 values do you hold about people and life?

Vision - where do you see yourself going; what is your vision about the relationships you hold?

Verification - do your actions reflect your beliefs?

Variability - how flexible can you be when dealing with people who might not share your values?

Veracity - how can you stay focused on what you believe, in the midst of diversity, and still honor people?

As I thought about these tenants, it became more and more clear to me that leadership is really about daily exchanges; in how we treat people; in how we carry ourselves. So, what type of a leader are you?  More, how can you continue to build your skills and abilities to be the best you can be in every situation.  That is the mark of real leadership!