Right/Left Brain Dominance

Neuroscience has now articulated that our two temporal lobes (Right side/Left side) control very different aspects in our behavior and personalities.  It is now known that our Left side is the more structured, organized, and controlled aspects of our behavior.  People dominant on the Left side are much more statistically focused, they make lists, are more logical, precise, and cautious in how they engage the world.

Conversely, people dominant on the Right side are much more macro in how they see the world.  They are more intuitive, instinctive, and driven by their gut feelings.  They are said to have a greater sense of emotional intelligence, are more social and interpersonal in how they relate to others. Music, art, and stories are influential and often carry the day.

Now for most, we are balanced in these 2 spheres of influence, but can lean left or right based on how we see and relate to the world.  We might have some of our bent one way or the other, but by and large, show a little bit of each personality sets of these frames.

One simple way you can get a sense of which side you favor is to clasp your hands, with fingers intersected.  Do this 4 or 5 times quickly and then keep your fingers intersected and observe which thumb is on top.  If it is your left thumb, then you would tend to be right brained.  If it is your right thumb, you are probably left brained. 

Certainly, those of us who are interested in social change should think more about these bents. When we related to others we should organize are approach by utilizing both right and left brain variables.  For example, when I have opportunity to share ideas in presentations, I work hard to share information in ways that might appeal to both groups.  That is, I will use statistics on some issues to cater to the left brainers, but then add a story or two to appeal to the right brainers.

So what side of the brain seems to be your bent, and how might you look to enhance the other, less dominate side so you can relate in a positive way to either side of this equation.