What Is Your Personal Mission Statement

All organizations are advised to have mission/vision statements that announce to the world what they stand for, and what they do. In fact, many organizations spend loads of money to enlist advice in this task. It is an important part of a business plan. 

At CLASS, we refined our mission/vision statement years ago, and have attempted to share it as extensively as possible with the world around us. Our statement is simply, "Working Towards a Community Where Each Belongs." This statement accentuates that we believe in full and inclusive community for all people; and that when we belong to community, we are known, and everyone, in a sense, benefits. 

Yesterday I was discussing our vision statement with some new members of our board of directors at our QSPC (Quality Services Program Committee)  meeting. This committee oversees all of our services and assures our overall board of directors that we are striving for the highest quality for our services.

As we did our introductions at this meeting I wondered about the personal mission/vision of these board members. Here were 5 board members, all busy and hard working professionals, who were taking time and volunteering their services to CLASS. What, I wondered, was motivating them to give freely of their time and help us get better as an organization. 

In a way, they were committing to their own personal vision statement. Individuals, as well as organizations, should have their own vision and mission statement. We need to think about what we stand for, and what we care about; what our values are, and how we can make this world a better place.  

In the end, our personal mission statement, becomes our legacy. It frames our own personal commitment, and grows beyond us. It defines our reputation, and becomes an energy in and of itself. It also helps others understand who we are. 

So what is your personal mission statement? What are you about, and how do you manifest this vision into action? More, how does your mission statement make the world a better place?