Wine and a Longer Life - What Causes This?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about the positive effects of wine. Studies have shown that wine, when consumed in moderation, has these amazing effects on health and longevity. People live longer, and have less heath struggles such as heat issues or diabetes. It is good news for wine drinkers.

These positive health effects have prompted researchers to dig deeper into exactly what it might be in the wine that is so good for us.  In this pursuit, they have looked at the types of grapes, or the soil it is grown in. They have examined the altitude the grapes are kept at.  They have considered the skin of the grape, or even the seeds.  There has to be a reason behind the medicinal, fountain of youth qualities.

Yet, most of these studies have come up inconclusive. We can't find a specific reason for the positive effects.

Until researchers started to look the social context.  What is now becoming more clear is that the benefits are not so much related to ingredients in the wine, as they are to the social intersection of whom you are drinking the wine with.  That is, when you take time out with friends, relax, and have a glass of wine, it is really not the wine, but the relationships that matter.  In the end, it is our social capital that makes the real difference.

So the moral to this story is continue to drink wine, but make sure you are engaging with people you care about in the process, and you will live a longer life!