The Art of Welcoming

All people need a place to connect. Somewhere inside each of us is a longing to be sincerely welcomed. This is a challenging notion because we are all so busy, that often we skip these collective experiences in an effort to get that one last thing done. Or, we are too distracted to reach out to other people attempting to join in. Yet, if we lose, or dismiss these collective opportunities, we put ourselves in a position of isolation and disconnection.  This, in turn, diminishes the essence of our collective humanity.

As we make efforts to embrace a new year we must resolve to accomplish 2 things. One is to participate more in collective activities. To join groups, clubs, or associations, or to make an effort to be more regular in the groups we already hold membership has got to be a priority. Finding time to engage with others is an imparative that keeps us human.

More, we must do our best to be cognizant of the welcoming of others. We must be the first to say hello, or extend a hand, or to acknowledge them. Just as you want to feel welcomed, when we are in situations where others are attempting to join our group, we must do our best to make them feel accepted.  

Welcoming others is a proactive process. Think about it!