Beyond Difference: 20 Years Later

I received an email recently from a fellow who just finished reading my book, "Beyond Difference" (CRC Press, 1996), and was raving about it and the impact it made on him. He wanted to thank me for awakening his consciousness. 

This email caused me to pull out an old copy of the book, and look it over. It has been 20 years since I had written this book and the note I received pricked my curiosity. "Beyond Difference" was my second book and it came on the heels of "Interdependence" (GR Press, 1991) which focused on the the devaluation experienced by people (families) experiencing disabilities, and how services to these folks stem from a medical, treatment model. In it I try to show how this medical (micro) model actually contributes to the overall devaluation, and how we would all be better off if we focused more on the community (macro) aspects. 

"Interdependence" was a successful book, and I found myself in many subsequent venues asked to talk about the concepts and application. The more I spoke about the concepts in "Interdependence," the more I felt a need to look at the spiritual side, rather than the technical aspects. All this reflection pushed me me deeper in my thinking and what resulted was the book, "Beyond Difference." 

As I re-read my book, and reflected back on when I had written those words, I was happy that the spiritual concepts in the book seemed to stand the test of time, yet was frustrated that the issues I articulate in the book are still with us today. We still have so much to do in creating a more inclusive, respectful community.

So, if you are ready to go back to the future, go to and request a copy of "Beyond Difference."  See if you feel the same.