The Sounds of Community

Everyone is aware of the horrible fires that travel decimated parts of California these past few weeks.  Out of control, they have ravaged the countryside and literally destroyed hundreds of homes and even entire cities and communities.  This has been a terrible disaster.

Recently in a news story the reporter said that the sounds of community had been silenced in many places in California. This phrase, “the sounds of community” got me to reflect on this very issue.  What are the sounds of community that surround most of our lives, that we often take for granted?

To me the sounds of community are: 

* Children’s laughter  

* The honking of horns from automobiles

* The conversation of friends

* The rasping of the winds

* The sounds of music drifting in the streets

* Church bells that may announce the hour change

* The echos of faint hellos or goodbyes

* The rumble of a motorcycle or truck

Community is one of those things in our lives that is simple, yet complex.  It is not something we often reflect on, but when we awaken to its impact, it becomes something that we can hardly live without.  We take the importance of community for granted and can become dulled to its critical impact it plays in our lives - until it might be lost. 

So take some time now to listen to the sounds of your community and work to preserve it.  Wadsworth once said, “Without friendship life can be a wilderness.”  He could have easily substituted or incorporated the word “community” into this quote. 

Lets all work to build community!