Books and their Impact

Over the years I have had opportunity to do a fair amount of writing. In fact, as the son of a writer and editor (my dad loved to write) I was always around journalism and writing seemed to always be in my blood.  Of course, the corollary to writing is reading, and as such, I am also a prolific reader. I always have 3 or 4 books going at one time, and never lose an opportunity to read when I can.

It is this love of reading that got me to a couple books that I want to tell you about. The first is titled, The Bend in the Road, by Yvonne Daley and chronicles the development of the Lenny Burke Farm (available at ).  Lenny was a stellar basketball player in his town of Chittenden, VT, until he experienced a significant head injury in a game that changed his (and his family"s) life.  The result was the development of the Lenny Burke Farm, which has served as a support system for other men and women who have experienced brain injuries. Yvonne tells the story with dignity and passion.  More, all proceeds of the book go to help support the programs and services at the Farm.  Take a look.

The other book is titled, The Sibling Survival Guide, edited by Don Meyer and Emily Holl ( ). With other great contributors, Don and Emily explore the critical role that brothers and sisters play in the life and experiences of youngsters with disabilities. Bore from direct experiences, these guys take on the challenging realities of interplay that happens with siblings. Over the past couple years I have had opportunity to know and work with Emily and her impact with family members experiencing disabilities has been profound. This is an important read.

So, take a look at these excellent books, and keep open to what you might be able to do to build a community where everyone belongs.