40 Years of Stories: Introduction

In 1973, I walked through the doors of UCP of Pittsburgh, thinking that this would be a good job while I worked on my MSW at the University of Pittsburgh.  I figured that once I completed my studies I would get a real job.  It has now been 40 years and as I look over my shoulder at the experiences and opportunities that have unfolded I am dumbfounded.

What follows are a number of stories from these wonderful years.  Many of these stories have been told or chronicled in some of the books and articles I have written over the many years.  Each story is not only true, but so instructive to me in the philosophy we have developed at CLASS and the perspective that is so important in building a community where each belongs.  Each story starts with a philosophy we embrace and attempts to illustrate its implementation.  Further, each story is cast in the era of its unfolding. So, I hope that you enjoy this look back over the past 40 years of my career and the wonderful events that helped shape my view on life, community and social capital.

Until Next Time...