The Macro Change Handbook

In his newest and fourth book on community inclusion for persons with disabilities, "Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change," Al Condeluci focuses on the change process. Do you change the person who has a disability or special needs or do you change the environment? By addressing both, Condeluci explores the meaning and methods for micro and macro change. Taking a broader look at advocacy, he builds on the key concepts and theories of organizing with lots of examples of advocacy for both individual as well as systemic cultural change. This pragmatic approach to advocacy and community change is a practical handbook that will guide any advocate – family member, individual, provider or policy analyst through the nitty gritty of promoting and achieving real change for persons with disabilities and the community.

Proceeds from sales of Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change go to CLASS to support programs that help people build social capital.

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Over his long career, Al Condeluci has done a lot of profound things as a disability rights advocate. From the early years in 1970’s helping to write the definitions of independent living for the Rehabilitation Act, to the myriad of services and supports he has created with his nonprofit organization, Community Living and Support Services (CLASS). But perhaps his greatest contribution is captured in the ideas and suggestions he makes in his newest book, The Macro Change Handbook (2015, LA Publishing, NC,

Writing in his well-known, conversational style, Condeluci explores the ins and outs of advocacy, organizing, and macro change, and this book is destined to be the new primer for the next generation of change agents. Starting with his powerful introduction, capturing a scene from “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest,” to his passionate reflections in the last chapter, “Street Smarts,” you won’t want to put this book down. With chapters on Advocacy, Change, Power, and Strategies, Condeluci weaves stories, concepts, theories, and constructs that are inspired and impassioned.

This is his 8th book going back to the groundbreaking (and award winning book), Interdependence: The Route to Community in 1991, and is the 4th in a series published by LA Publications; and as with all of these books, the royalty proceeds go to support the nonprofit he has worked for since 1973, CLASS. Indeed, a large pool of advocacy examples he uses in “The Macro Change Handbook,” reach back to his work with CLASS.

So if you are an organizer, social worker, rehab counselor, teacher, family member, or change agent, stop now and order this book. It is available in hard copy, or electronically and will surely energize and inspire you.