Building Social Capital 8-part YouTube Series

Part 1: Building Community with Al Condeluci – 4 Critical Steps

In Part 1 of his series, Al talks about inclusion in the process of building a community. He reviews the 4 steps toward building a healthy and happy community.


Part 2: Building Social Capital with Al Condeluci – Graphing Relationships

In Part 2 of his series, Al talks about how important it is to build relationships and walks you through the different levels of relationships with graphic cues.

Part 3: Beyond Difference with Al Condeluci – Changing Perceptions

In Part 3 of his series, Al talks about looking beyond our personal differences in order to find our similarities as one community.

Part 4: Understanding Community with Al Condeluci – Connecting People

In Part 4 of his series, Al talks about the different factors of a community and explains what happens when communities are created.

Part 5: Framing the Problem with Al Condeluci – Changing the Focus

In Part 5 of his series, Al talks about changing the way you view the "problem" of disability. He compares the Micro and Macro views of framing the problem.

Part 6: Social Isolation with Al Condeluci – Eliminating the Problem

 In Part 6 of his series, Al talks about the negative power of social isolation and how it can affect the way people live.

Part 7: Communications with Al Condeluci – Learning the Strategies

In Part 7 of his series, Al discusses the importance of Communication and teaches some of the best strategies to practice in order to become a master at communicating.

Part 8: Leadership with Al Condeluci – Identifying the Skills

In Part 8 of his series, Al stresses the keys to being a good leader and reviews the methods that good leaders should follow in order to positively engage their followers.